School Council

We have an elected school council which is committed to contributing to the success of our school, our community and our world.  They make sure that they are well informed and are very good at thinking of ways to help – and have fun.

This year we have:-

  • Our school councillors are elected by their peers, showing the British values of democracy. Each class from year 1 to 6 has an elected school councillor and vice councillor who attends the fortnightly meetings. The role of the school councillor is to act as a representative who shares the thoughts, opinions and ideas of their class.
  • Developing our new House system across the school.
  • Supporting a local charity.
  • Involvement in nationwide + worldwide charity events – Children in Need Nov. 2016
  • Summer 2017 water saving squad in schools.
  • Waulud primary school’s minibus mission.


We have also been involved in …

School Elected Eco Monitors
Litter Patrol
Regular Book Swaps
Communicate with Head Teacher on school issues
Community Visit to the Houses of Parliament
visited the Town Hall & met the Mayor
World Comic Relief fundraising
Children in Need fundraising
Sports Relief fundraising