Waulud Primary – Local Offer

At Waulud Primary we strive to maximise achievement, aspiration and progress for all children.  Our chief goal day to day is to provide highly effective teaching in an open and helpful culture which supports the well being of all. We work with a range of professional partners, for example the educational psychologist, CAMH and the learning support service, to achieve this end. Our school liason meetings play an important role in this.

Children’s abilities and needs are identified early on through discussion with parents and previous settings and classroom observation and monitoring.

Children’s progress and targets are communicated to parents in a variety of ways, including through formal and informal discussions, parents’ evenings, reports and home-school diaries.

Highly effective teaching includes differentiating learning to meet a range of abilities for example by providing additional adult support or adapted learning materials.

Sometimes, however, the school will call on the advice and support of specialist professionals under the guidance and direction of the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator). The school would be working with parents and seeking their consent in these instances and it is often the case that parents would be meeting with the specialists themselves.

The support offered to pupils may sometimes include meeting pastoral, social and medical needs. For example being included in an adult led friendship group or accessing specialist counselling.

Pupils are aware of their topics and areas of learning through discussion and class activates.

They are also aware of their targets and are supported in reviewing and meeting them.

With regard to behaviour pupils are expected to follow the Waulud Way. Any unacceptable behaviour, including bullying, is dealt with by the responsible adult with senior staff being involved as necessary. Good behaviour id recognised and rewarded in many ways including verbal acknowledgement as well as class and school awards.

We use a range of strategies and interventions to support children at different times of the school day and work with parents and work with parents around appropriate arrangements with regard to clubs, trips and school; journeys.

Staff, including the SENCO, is always available to speak with parents informally and appointments can always be made for planned meetings.

Staff accesses a range of on going professional development which includes training on meeting the needs of children with additional and different needs e.g. sessions on Attachment Theory and Supporting good behaviour.  The external sources accessed by the school are helpful in keeping our knowledge and skills up to date.

We are a two form entry school with teaching rooms on two floors. We have disabled access across the ground floor and a modern disabled toilet.

The school SEN provision is overseen by the Head teacher and the SENCO who is responsible for provision mapping.

The effectiveness of the SEN provision is evaluated by Governors and this includes the effectiveness of funding allocation for groups and individuals.