Hello and welcome to our school.  Whether you are a visitor, parent or pupil we trust that your visit to our site be interesting and helpful.

Everyone at Waulud is committed to providing the very best for the children so that they will each have the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve their best and be ready for the next steps of their lifelong learning journey.

We are very proud of our school with its keen and friendly pupils and supportive staff.  We hope that the information here will give you a window into life and learning at Waulud.

If you do have any questions or queries please do contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Mrs A Devereux




Class Weekly Attendance Results – As at 16 July 2018

Nursery 87.36 % RS 92.43 % RW 92.06 %
1S  94.38 % 1W  93.80 % 2S  95.42 % 2W  95.37 %
3S 96.54 % 3W  96.41 % 4S  95.17 % 4W 95.19 %
5S  96.49 % 5W  96.50 % 6S  96.01 % 6W  96.40 %